System B

Deep Planter System Design


This planter and container design is best used for deeper rooted plants such as shrubs, evergreens and trees. Planter system B is designed for total depths greater than 18 inches and includes four layers; a drain layer, filter fabric, base layer, and intensive growth media layer. Each component provides favorable characteristics that influence plant growth through the supply of water and nutrients. The upper portion of System B is characterized by a high organic matter and a structural mineral mix to increase the porosity and water holding capacity, while maintaining long-term structural stability. Just below this layer, is a base layer which has a reduced proportion of organic matter to prevent settlement and is used for increased structural stability. Next, the separation fabric is put in place to mitigate the threat of migration of fine particles from the growing medium while still allowing root penetration. The bottom layer, or drainage layer, consists of a coarse aggregate to provide a high rate of water flow from the upper layers to the drainage system.

With any planter or container design, it is important that the volume, stability and health of the growth media do not change over time. By specifying and using the leading brand of certified green roof media, rooflite, the integrity of the system can remain intact for years to come. Regardless of shape, depth, or size, optimize your planter’s performance using these state of the art products.

For more information on the individual products in each of these layers, please see below:

rooflite intensive
A soilless blend containing premium organic components which mimic a fertile topsoil.

Plants in containers and planters have limited root space. Therefore, both physical and chemical properties of the growth media have to be optimized to ensure long lasting, healthy plant growth. rooflite intensive is engineered to meet the specific requirements for container gardens and planters. rooflite intensive will not lose volume and will enhance the health and longevity of your precious plants.

rooflite base layer
This precisely balanced blend provides increased structural stability and better aeration capacities.

If the total depth is more than 18 inches, it is advisable to work with two different growth media to mimic a natural soil profile where there are different soil horizons with specific properties. The deeper root zone horizon, rooflite base layer, will provide better aeration and require less organic matter than the top layer. Due to its high content of precisely blended mineral lightweight aggregates like pumice, and expanded clay or shale this blend will not lose volume over time and keep your plants rooted in a stabile foundation. The upper horizon, rooflite intensive, can be placed directly on the rooflite base layer.

Deep Planter System Design

rooflite separation fabric
A thin, yet durable, fabric which has an important function as the top layer of the drainage – separating the coarser aggregate of the drainage from the base layer above. It is crucial that the rooflite separation fabric be root-permeable so that plants can use the total container volume for root growth. At the same time, rooflite separation fabric works as a filter, which keeps the finer particles contained in the media layers above from migrating into the drainage. rooflite separation fabric can easily be cut to fit any planter size and will not clog or degrade over time.

rooflite drain is extremely flexible and can adjust to any given area or depth. As a porous granular material, rooflite drain provides an excellent root environment with an ideal water/air distribution which allows for water retention and reliable drainage of excess water at the same time.

rooflite drain
A porous granular material, rooflite drain provides an excellent root environment with an ideal water/air distribution which allows for water retention and reliable drainage of excess water at the same time. Rooflite drain can be adjusted to any given area or depth.